Chatting with GhostBed

How they approach building their business on (and off) Amazon

In the spring of 2016, GhostBed approached Amazon Advertising with a few goals in mind:

  • Increase awareness on Amazon and drive traffic to GhostBed.com
  • Educate mattress-seekers about GhostBed’s mattress-in-a-box products
  • Drive sales of GhostBed’s top-rated mattress in a box

“The best kept secret in the digital world is Amazon Advertising,” said Marc Werner, CEO of GhostBed. To drive awareness among Amazon mattress shoppers and educate new audiences, GhostBed worked with Amazon Advertising to deploy a campaign combining Amazon’s search and display solutions

The campaign tapped into four primary ad solutions aimed at reaching customers during various shopper phases from research and awareness to conversion. “Customers searching for mattresses, or any high price item on Amazon, generally need to experience several touch points before deciding to purchase,” said Anna Hodges, an Amazon Advertising account executive leading the home category. “We developed a strategy to reach new audiences wherever they interact online throughout the day or night – at home relaxing with their Kindle, on-the-go on their mobile devices, or at work on a desktop.”

GhostBed first started advertising with search, the most common strategy for brands new to advertising on Amazon. For GhostBed, search helped increase visibility to customers as they browsed and searched Amazon’s site for the right mattress for their home. Their ads were optimized to invite customers already considering purchasing a new mattress to check out GhostBed before they clicked “add-to-cart.”

The next step was layering in display solutions with the Amazon DSP, Amazon’s programmatic offering, which reaches customers and helps drives traffic from both on and off Amazon, across mobile devices and apps. Some display ads drove traffic to GhostBed’s product detail pages on Amazon while others linked off to GhostBed’s homepage, encouraging customers to learn more about what makes GhostBed mattresses special. Amazon mobile app ads solidified GhostBed’s presence in front of a mobile-only audience – as more than 40% of Amazon’s audience exclusively visits via mobile.1

Education was an important element of the campaign, and used to highlight Ghostbed’s differentiating points in the category, such as their 15 years of experience, knowledge, refinement, and mattress quality. To educate customers, their team worked with Amazon Advertising designers to create unique Fire tablet wakescreen ads that highlighted their mattresses’ “supernatural comfort” and “total-body support.” They also embedded a short video into their Real Time Cooling Pillow wakescreen ad, to further educate customers about their products and special offers throughout the duration of the campaign.

Based on their campaign results, GhostBed felt these touchpoints drove their desired outcomes for both sales and awareness over their six-month campaign. They’ve continued optimizing this strategy over 2016.

“Our overall business and digital success is unquestionably aligned with the power and effectiveness of these campaigns. Amazon Advertising connects all the commerce dots,” Werner concluded.

GhostBed continues powering its advertising approach with Amazon, scaling efforts to reach new customers wherever they engage online, and educating them about their one-of-a-kind beds (in a box!)

To learn more and to start advertising with Amazon Advertising, contact us.

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